'More than just a law firm, we are committed to understanding your business and legal requirements by tailoring our service to suit your needs'




Personal Injury

Ropemakers Solicitors is a vibrant law firm dedicated to delivering results and the highest standard of service to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering timely and appropriate advice geared towards our clients’ needs and budgets. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and aspirations in a seamless and efficient manner. We believe that a law firm should be a helpful facilitator to one’s needs and not be perceived as another obstacle.


Our approach to law is steeped in traditional values of English law – we believe that a solicitor is first and foremost a skilled professional able to understand; research and explain any legal problem correctly and effectively. We do not believe that a client is best served by a lawyer who is able to see the bigger picture and appreciate the context in which the client’s needs arise. We seek to provide our clients with a complete service that would allow them to make informed choices and decide on the best strategy to achieve their aims.


We offer a wide range of services. In brief some of the services we can help with are:


·         Immigration Law

·         Family Law

·         Employment Law

·         Commercial and Residential Conveyancing

·         Civil and Commercial Litigation

·         Business Affairs

·         Contract and Agreement Drafting

·         Company and Off-Shore Company Registration

·         Advocacy

·         Landlord and Tenant

·         Wills & Probate

·         Declarations and Affidavits

·         Certification of Documents 



Wills & Probate

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