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Personal Injury



Ropemakers Solicitors undertake all types of civil, commercial and business litigation work. Our solicitors have wide ranging litigation expertise that covers such areas as small claims, landlord and tenant disputes, breach of contract and other business-related disputes. We can also help with faulty/damaged goods and poor/negligent service claims.

From the outset of any matter we provide full and straightforward advice on the merits of your claim, ensuring that you as our client are fully aware of the potential costs and outcomes as far as practically possible. We will keep you updated on the costs, progress and will always notify you in time of any changes and developments that may affect you. 

We can provide full documentary and legal support from the beginning of your case, including explanation of the documents required and help on getting any documents that you may not already have to strengthen your case. Our solicitors will always attend court with you should your case require a court hearing and you will always know what is happening in your case and how any decisions may affect you.




Wills & Probate

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